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Located in Frisco, TX, Johnson Family Medical offers innovative care to allow patients to look and feel their best. In our comfortable, state-of-the-art facility, our providers are dedicated to offering exceptional care for the best possible results.

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As a part of overall wellness, our certified providers at Johnson Family Medical offer numerous services for a healthy mind and body. Through condition management, annual physicals, sexual health services, and acute illness treatments, our team can curate a personalized treatment plan that is best for you and your needs. Within our Frisco, TX facility, we work to provide comfortable, optimal care for complete wellness.

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Looking and feeling youthful begins with your skin. Our certified providers at Johnson Family Medical offer personalized aesthetic treatments to fit your skin needs. Scarlet SRF, our revolutionary microneedling treatment, lifts and tighten skin with non-invasive painless radio frequency. Neuromodulators and fillers injected into the skin relax wrinkles and plump skin to give a youthful glow. At our Frisco, Tx facility we offer free consultations to discuss the best treatment plan for you.

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Katherine Johnson, RN, FNP-C

As a board-certified family nurse practitioner, Katherine is experienced in treating chronic medical conditions and acute illnesses. She is also skilled in helping her Frisco, TX patients achieve their weight loss goals through innovative treatment programs.

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Mylisa Mueller, APRN, MSN, FNP-C

With 25 years of experience, Mylisa is a board-certified nurse practitioner with extensive knowledge in teaching preventative care to patients. At Johnson Family Medical she believes establishing a patient provider relationship based on trust is invaluable to providing the best care possible.

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"Katherine and her staff are the best. Always responsive and friendly. Katherine really listens to your concerns and treats the individual and not an "out of the box" treatment that is the same for everyone. She is always on time. Takes the time to have the conversation WITH you and doesn't talk AT you. I was referred to her by friends, and I continue to recommend her to others."



"I had my first consultation and procedure with Katherine and staff. The staff were professional from the time I was greeted at the door from the time I left Katherine’s office . I admire the professional, kindness and knowledge that was delivered to me from Katherine and staff.. I highly recommend this entity. I will definitely refer to this entity for future procedures and treatments. Thank you Katherine and staff .."



"Katherine Johnson is an Angel. Caring, kind, and understanding. The office staff is courteous and professional. The office is clean and beautiful."



"I love love Dr Johnson. She is amazing and makes you feel at ease. I want to make that clear! The reason that I did not give a 5 star is because of a certain staff member. When I was trying to explain my reasoning of not being able to come do a follow up....was told on the phone prior to first visit that they did take carecredit and gave a totally different copay amount, she got defensive saying how it's only 3 people blah blah blah and they don't take it. Ok. I get that. But if you let me talk and finish instead of getting defensive and interrupting. Yes, maybe the person misunderstood?? Idk, but it happened. You can say it never did but it won't change the fact that yes it did. I even showed them the number at the time of visit, which was theirs that I called hrs prior to confirm copay price when the receptionist tried to say I called a different office. I didn't make it up. But don't get ugly cause you think no one could have made a mistake on your end. Maybe she thought I said something else. Idk. Either way, I'm not mad about it. I wasn't even getting nasty on the phone. I just was telling what happened. Nothing more. So don't try to talk over me on the phone cause you don't agree and want to basically say I'm lying. I just chose this place because I heard great things about Dr Johnson, which is all true and thinking they did take it which unfortunately for me, they dont. But even the copay amount that I was told originally, ended up being twice as much as well."



"I found Katherine Johnson when I posted in a FB group for Moms because I knew I needed Help but had NO idea where to start. As women age we experience so many changes and Katherine is the Nancy Drew of getting to the root cause! She’s so passionate about helping others and it shows! I’m so grateful for her and her team! And I’m all about supporting local business! Thanks for everything!"




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