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What Is Asthma Management?

Wheezing, shortness of breath, and tightness in the chest are all signs and symptoms of an asthma attack. Asthma is a common and chronic respiratory condition characterized by swelling and inflammation in the lungs that make it difficult for a person to breathe. The condition can be exercise-induced or develop from exposure to environmental allergens and can be a significant health concern. As a seasoned family nurse practitioner, Katherine Johnson is experienced in diagnosing and treating asthma. If you have signs or symptoms of asthma, or need assistance with managing this condition, please schedule a visit with Katherine at Johnson Family Medical in Frisco, TX.

How Is Asthma Treated?

Since a number of factors can trigger asthma, Katherine will review your medical history and may recommend diagnostic services, such as labs or lung function tests. She can then discuss treatment options to meet your unique needs. Asthma treatments may be necessary on an as-needed or routine basis and could include the use of an inhaler and oral medications. Other recommendations may include dietary changes, breathing exercises, and avoiding factors that lead to asthma symptoms. Ultimately, the goal of asthma treatment and management is to prevent flare-ups and help you breathe with ease.

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Treat and Manage Asthma Symptoms

Professional care for asthma can help you avoid asthma triggers and manage this condition. If asthma is affecting your health, we encourage you to contact Johnson Family Medical to schedule an in-person or a telehealth visit with Katherine. Our caring team can provide information on the insurances and Medicare plans we accept and help you find a convenient time for your appointment. We are proud to be providers of trusted asthma care in Frisco, TX!

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