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Can PRP Therapy Tighten Loose Breast Skin?

Katherine Johnson | 05/13/2021

Looking for a nonsurgical solution that can help you get firmer, more youthful-appearing breasts? Consider skin rejuvenation with PRP therapy.


What is Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy Used For?

Katherine Johnson | 04/21/2021

Menopause in women or andropause in men can lead to unfortunate symptoms. See how hormone replacement therapy in Frisco, TX can relieve these issues.


Seven Benefits of Choosing A Medical Weight Loss Program

Katherine Johnson | 03/16/2021

Tired of crash diets and ineffective exercises? Try supervised weight loss, also called medical weight loss, under the care of a medical professional.


Let's Talk about Iodine

Katherine Johnson | 02/24/2021

Iodine deficiency can cause several negative symptoms


Improve Your Fine Lines and Wrinkles With BOTOX®

Katherine Johnson | 02/03/2021

Dealing with forehead wrinkles and lines around your eyes? Learn about trusted wrinkle relaxer BOTOX and how our clinic can rejuvenate your features.


Quarterly Wellness Topic: Urinary Incontinence

Katherine Johnson | 12/17/2020

Looking for the bathroom? You're not alone. Two out of three women suffer from urinary incontinence, or involuntary urinary leaking.


Mental Health Awareness

Katherine Johnson | 11/16/2020

Is what you're experiencing a symptom of a mental health issue, or something else? 2020 has made us all feel like we need some more self-care.


How CBD Helps Your Metabolism

Katherine Johnson | 09/10/2020

Happy #WellnessWednesday everyone! Let’s talk about CBD and the benefits it can bring.


Boosting Your Sexual Health Naturally

Katherine Johnson | 08/19/2020

Happy Wellness Wednesday! This month we are focusing on sexual health.


CBD: The Ultimate Chill Pill

Katherine Johnson | 08/11/2020

CBD has hit the medical market with a bang. Many people talk about the anti-anxiety benefits it can provide, but did you know that it helps with more?


Sun, Skin, and Vit D Health

Katherine Johnson | 06/18/2020

Skin is our largest organ and window to our health. Read this article to learn more.


Which Diet Works?

Katherine Johnson | 05/13/2020

Every diet out there are all different and knowing those differences matters! Read this article to learn more.


Supplements, Protocols, Wellness Injections

Katherine Johnson | 04/29/2020

Purchase researched, reputable, and practitioner-grade supplements through our Metagenics store.


Stress Reduction

Katherine Johnson | 04/23/2020

Check out some of the measures you could be taking to reduce the amount of stress in your life.


Bloom Where You Are Planted: 2020 Changes

Katherine Johnson | 04/10/2020

What are your needs during this time? We’ve made some changes we think may help.


Wellness Injections

Katherine Johnson | 03/04/2020

Learn more about Meyers Cocktail, Sermorelin, and Oxytocin injections.


Thyroid and Estrogen Dominance

Katherine Johnson | 02/26/2020

Watch to learn more about Thyroid and Estrogen Dominance.


Won’t My Cholesterol Go Up if I Eat Low-Carb?

Katherine Johnson | 01/31/2020

This month we focus on carbs and heart health.


Sex Hormones: Why You’re Tired and Feel Old

Katherine Johnson | 12/18/2019

This month we focus on bio-identical hormones.


Get the Skinny on Skinny Shots

Katherine Johnson | 09/19/2019

Get the skinny on Skinny Shots and their three components.


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