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What Is PRP Therapy?

Men and women who wish to tighten loose skin or refresh a dull complexion may benefit from platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. Frisco, TX certified nurse injector Anne Bechtold is pleased to perform platelet-rich plasma therapy for patients who want a natural way to bring a more youthful appearance to their face, breasts, or skin around the eyes. The procedure utilizes growth factors from a person's own blood plasma to stimulate new cell growth and collagen production in the skin, helping to naturally smooth wrinkles, tighten skin, and reduce other common signs of aging. PRP has boosted major enhancements to sexual rejuvenation for men and women with the O-Shot and the P-Shot. If you are interested in PRP therapy, contact Johnson Family Medical to schedule a personalized skin assessment!

How Does PRP Treatment Work?

PRP therapy works by using your body's natural healing abilities to regrow healthy cells, promoting the creation of new elastin and collagen in the skin. After you are seated comfortably in one of our private treatment rooms, a sample of your blood will be collected and placed in a centrifuge machine. Once the components of your blood are separated, the nutrient-rich plasma will be prepared and re-injected into your skin. The process generally only takes about 30 minutes or so, depending on the number of areas being treated. Because it uses your own blood, there is little to no risk of allergic or serious adverse reactions. Follow-up PRP sessions may be recommended to help maintain or lengthen your results.


Hair Restoration: $600

O Shot: $1,500

P Shot: $1,800

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Recovery Time  
2 days
How Long It Takes  
1 hour
Follow Up Time  
12 months
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Renew Your Skin With PRP

PRP therapy at Johnson Family Medical can help give your skin a healthier, brighter, and tighter appearance for a more youthful appeal. Offering a natural approach to skin rejuvenation, PRP treatments can be used in several areas of the body, including the breasts, face, and delicate tissue around the eyes. To learn more about PRP costs, payment plans, and whether this exciting option is right for you, please call our Frisco, TX office to schedule an appointment with Anne!

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