Seven Benefits of Choosing A Medical Weight Loss Program

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Just about everyone has tried a fad diet to maintain a healthy body. Unfortunately, dieting can be counterproductive or even dangerous to your health. If you are frustrated with programs that make impossible promises, it is time to consider medical weight loss in Frisco, TX.

Medical weight loss is a proven way to lose weight while under the careful supervision of a medical professional. Katherine Johnson, MSN, RN, FNP-C is a board-certified family nurse practitioner who offers successful solutions for patients.

So, why should you choose medical weight loss over a traditional diet? Johnson Family Medical provides nutritional recommendations, supplements, and Peptide Therapy Injections to reach your goals. Read about the benefits of these programs below.

1. Plans are personalized

Medical weight loss begins with a thorough evaluation of your health. During this assessment, we will discuss your medical history and goals. We can also review any weight loss programs you may have tried in the past. Johnson Family Medical then forms a personalized plan based on your requirements.

2. Plans can be adjusted

Medical weight loss plans are not a one-time solution. Patients of Johnson Family Medical may return for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly visits for close monitoring. If we believe one aspect of your plan is working, but another is not, we may make minor adjustments as needed. This increases your likelihood of success.

3. Incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle

A strict diet can make us feel frustrated about trying to achieve a healthy body. In fact, we are more likely to fail when weight loss programs are too strict. Instead, supervised weight loss incorporates healthy habits into your daily life. Plans are based on your needs and do not include radical or impossible changes to your lifestyle.

4. Avoid surgery

Some people consider extensive surgeries, like a gastric bypass, to lose weight. However, we prefer to help patients avoid surgery whenever possible. You should only consider a gastric bypass if you have tried all other options without success. This is because surgery comes with risks and extended recovery time.

5. Learn safe exercise techniques

Medical weight loss in Frisco, TX is not just about eating healthier. Our experienced team can offer planned workouts and exercises to work into your routine. Workouts may change based on your fitness level and any medical conditions you may have, such as chronic pain or a heart condition.

6. Get recommendations when you hit a wall

Many people find that weight loss begins quickly but eventually slows down. If you hit a wall at some point, we can help you overcome that plateau with medically backed advice. Our caring staff can also give you the motivation to keep going so you do not return to old habits.

7. Cosmetic and health results

The most exciting benefit of supervised weight loss is having a slimmer and more attractive waistline. However, we find that many patients also feel healthier and more energetic! This creates a positive and long-lasting impact on your life.

Achieve a healthy body and weight

Fad diets are no way to treat issues associated with obesity or being overweight. This is why Johnson Family Medical is proud to offer medical weight loss in Frisco, TX. Begin your journey by meeting with a board-certified family nurse practitioner. Katherine Johnson, MSN, RN, FNP-C has helped countless people navigate the process.

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