Lose Weight by Sleeping and Eating? Let’s Do It!

If I could prescribe the best diet it would be: Lose weight by eating and sleeping. Let it soak in: We can lose weight by EATING and SLEEPING. Sound too good to be true? I thought so too, but there is science behind it. Also, if you are unable to lose weight and are dieting and exercising and it isn’t working, I’d beg you to at least try some good rest and nourishment.

Let’s break down what happens when we sleep and eat:

  1. Cortisol will decrease at night and then increase to it’s maximum value in the morning. Cortisol helps with alertness, so this cycling makes sense. Do you find yourself feeling “wired and tired,” crashing around 2-4PM and reaching for that second/third/fourth cup of coffee, needing naps? This is likely your cortisol. “But couldn’t it be my thyroid?” Eventually this taxation on your body may cause your thyroid to follow suit.
  2. Insulin follows cortisol. Consistently elevated cortisol levels will be mimicked by increasing insulin levels. Do you find yourself with abdominal, hip, and thigh fat? You can thank your insulin for that. This weight is especially stubborn to lose.
  3. Cortisol comes from your adrenal glands. Do you find yourself craving salt/sugar? Needing a night time snack? Having frequent illnesses? Feeling depressed/exhausted/older than your age? Your adrenals are likely working harder than they should to keep up with your stress level or lifestyle.
  4. Vitamin B feeds your adrenal glands. Have you heard of getting Vit B injections for weight loss? Ding, ding ding! These injections feed your adrenal glands with their primary fuel: B12. But do you need the shot? You’d be better saving your money with some good rest, real food, and an oral supplement.

How can you reset this cycle?

  1. Avoid anything white, sweet, or starchy. Why? This is seen as artificial food and not a proper fuel source. Think: Toxicity.
  2. Sleep at LEAST seven hours a night. If you need help sleeping, discuss with your primary care provider. Proper sleep cycle will naturally convert your serotonin molecules to melatonin molecules to allow you restful, consistent sleep (see how this works in prior posts.) Proper sleep LOWERS your cortisol and your insulin allowing you to LOSE weight.
  3. Avoid fake sugar. Stevia is an ORGANIC, real sweetener. I would not recommend any other artificial sweeteners, which are seen as toxicity and add stress to your body depleting your adrenals.
  4. Avoid alcohol and stimulants. Yep, the fun stuff is draining you of real healing. Take a break for one month and see how much better you feel allowing your adrenals to heal.
  5. Are you taking a handful of medications? See if any of those can be eliminated. Typically over-medication can stress your body.
  6. Are you getting ENOUGH calories? It matters. Restricting too many calories will stress your adrenal glands to excrete more “fight-or-flight” hormones to keep up with your energy requirements, once your adrenal glands tucker out your thyroid is next on the list to secrete more thyroid hormone acting as the “gas pedal” to your body. Eat real foods. If your food is a brand: Crisco, Oreo, etc. then this is not real food.

Overall, sleep and a wholesome diet restores your cortisol which restores your insulin. This will lower your abdominal, hip, and thigh weight.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of the sleep and eat plan.

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