Improve Your Fine Lines and Wrinkles With BOTOX®

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You may have noticed some minor signs of aging when looking in the mirror. It is not uncommon to find problem areas, like forehead wrinkles or lines around your eyes. Even though BOTOX is a household name, some people are still unsure how this treatment works. Actually, wrinkle relaxers are an effective way to turn back the hands of time.

Are you ready to improve facial wrinkles in Frisco, TX? Turn to the professionals at Johnson Family Medical. Katherine Johnson is a board-certified family nurse practitioner who knows how to administer BOTOX treatment for natural, beautiful results. Schedule your BOTOX assessment by giving us a call.

What does BOTOX do?

BOTOX is a wrinkle relaxer that is derived from a protein called botulinum toxin. When injected into your skin, it blocks the nerve endings so that the muscles are temporarily paralyzed. Facial expressions are then limited, which reduces the formation of wrinkles.

Most people are candidates for wrinkle relaxers, provided they are generally healthy adults with no lesions in the treatment area. People can start using BOTOX early as a preventive anti-aging measure or as a skin rejuvenation treatment as they get older. It is a great way to avoid invasive procedures, like facelift surgery.

Common BOTOX areas

People primarily turn to BOTOX for forehead wrinkles. This is because the forehead is most affected by facial expressions like frowning. Other BOTOX areas include Crow’s feet or the lines that form around the outer corners of our eyes. These are usually the result of squinting and smiling. Johnson Family Medical is proud to help individuals reduce the appearance of these lines with a simple session in Frisco, TX.

Your BOTOX appointment

BOTOX is administered using a very fine needle after your initial consultation. A member of our team will ask you to make several facial expressions to understand the most optimal BOTOX areas for placement. We also learn about your cosmetic concerns and goals prior to treatment. The actual injections are not invasive and should not cause much discomfort. In fact, many people are surprised about the easy and seamless process.

Maintain your smoother results

It is important to understand that your smooth results will not last forever. Most wrinkle relaxers are expected to last 3 – 4 months before requiring another appointment. Some people can wait longer depending on their problem areas and the quality of their skin. Johnson Family Medical offers these tips to maintain your skin in between BOTOX sessions:

  • Limit sun exposure

  • Avoid tobacco use

  • Stay hydrated

  • Stay consistent with your skin care routine

Injector skill matters

While treatment seems easy, it is still important to get BOTOX from a trained and trusted provider. A skilled BOTOX administrator understands where to place BOTOX and how each injection affects different facial wrinkles. At Johnson Family Medical, we produce safe and long-lasting results by taking your needs and facial anatomy into account. We also hope to minimize side effects as much as possible.

Treat facial wrinkles and more

Are you bothered by forehead wrinkles and fine lines? Johnson Family Medical can address many different signs of aging without extensive plastic surgery. Whether you want to prevent wrinkles or rejuvenate your skin, contact Katherine Johnson, MSN, RN, FNP-C, in Frisco, TX. Look younger and feel refreshed today!

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